Thursday, June 22, 2006

Blame Yourself!!

This is not another stupid blog cum diary. So sad i can't maintain my good result. Instead of blamming others, I started blaming myself. Me, myself and no other. I've almost cried... hehehe... tapi tak jadi.. Eddy pujuk me while I was talking to him on the phone.

Hey, guest what... I had registered for a postpaid mobile service. I had transfred my celcom prepaid number to a postpaid line. There are many reason why I did this. Among the reason is the price, it will just cost me about RM 55.00 (tax inculded) for 250 minutes plan. HEHEH. But if i use more than 250 minutes.... i will have to pay more!!.. ooppsss!!


Mungkin ada yang telah menerima SMS dari aku. Mungkin juga ada yang tak faham dengan isi kandungan sms tuh. Actually, Tun Daim Zainuddin has build a school in the province of acheh, indonesia. Recently, he wanted the students of this school to be given english education.

So he has hired a company, responsible in creating a suitable curiculum for the school. Insyaalah, before this coming ramadhan, they will start a pilot project to ensure wheather the curiculum is well accepted by the students.

So, they need volunteers to lend some hands to teach those "english-know-nothing" students for a week. just for a week. If you are interested, make sure you can speak well in English, and physically and mentally prepared to live in a place where there are not enough basic facilities.

We are not on a vacation. We are helping a group of orphanes in a tsunami worst hit area. They are still in trauma. (I guess) . However, training will be given to 40 selected volunteers. So don't worry so much.

BTW, it is so lovely to balik kampung. My alor star is so meriah with the sukma events and festivities. HEHEH... I be back to Shah Alam on 5th June 2006. I'll be following my brother. Im quite sad because I can't attent my cousin's engagement ceromony in Seksyen 13. However, i wish her best of luck.