Saturday, November 24, 2007


OK...i have all day to write a publish a post. But I dont know what to write...pathetic ait?? Hmm..

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Walaupun sad, tapi ending yang baik...

Aku ke The Malaysian Reserve (TMR - I hope this acronym does not spoil the branding!!) di Section 13 PJ dan bertemu dengan editornya, Encik Halim petang tadi. Well, it is a small newsroom compared to RTM or maybe any other big organization and the staff also is not that ramai but it is "ok". Alhamdullilah, aku akan start training kat sana bulan January ni dan sekiranya semuanya berjalan lancar, maka lancarlah ia. Ada juga En Halim minta aku start bulan 12, tapi yelah, bagai nak dikata, my budget is veryyy tight and I cant stay here in KL/SA/Klang for long. I need to retreat to AS as soon as possible.

Btw, the editor has a very high expectation on me and I hope I am up to the standard as he always mentioned that his reporters are very hardworking and never needed to be asked to do things...., to work I mean!!
Well I looked at the mirror and did my self-reflexion. The things happened to me recently really change the course of my life. Before, it always been smooth but I took it for granted... After things happened, then I realized, life doesn't always goes as planned. It had it sourness and the sky will never stay blue, because it will turn dark sometimes.

Things happened to me and things happening to Eddy really knocked my head and woke me from my sweet dreams.

After seeing En Halim at the newsroom, he sent me off to Asia Jaya LRT station and then I ran as quickly as possible to Pudu to say good bye to Eddy. I do not know when can I meet him again. So after the good-bye hug, I went back up to the terminal and started to remember my early times in UiTM. And started to shed my tears sambil terus kawal macho...

You know what, and maybe, most of you do not know, living and staying in my faculty is a "harsh" survival. Bukan calang2 orang boleh survive dalam fakulti ni. Put aside the mountains of assignments, the most challenging is the "people"!!

What I can summarize is that during my first semester here.... Everybody, including me, trying not to be hypocrite and trying to be ourselves but in the end "we" end up being "show-off". Showing off that we are "urban" and not "KG dot", or .... talking in the language that we don't really understand-loghat KL I mean. Trying to get along with our click or in-group, with our own identities which not matter anymore - (actually it is not suppose to be "we" but the subject is "ME"... tapi klu tukar subject, bunyi cam x sedap...)

Bak kata pepatah... plastik

Tapi, bila tiadanya plastik maka...perpecahan dan pergaduhan mula berlaku...

Bila semuanya dah berakhir, lepas habis semester ke5, aku kira walaupun ia sad ending, tapi ending yang baik.

I dun wanna talk about my Academic Writing...tension je.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


No mood to blog.
No mood to eat.
No mood to sing.
No mood to live.

But life must go on!!

So... I cant wait to see mine and my friends' bylines in the local newspaper soon. For those in Jabatan A/V Bernama and TV9 News Department, make sure you stay close with the camera... So that you can get your face in the tv too!! (Ye la dah jd BJ, mana ada byline!! so kena la tinggalkan trace kan...)

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Im still not sure whether to start my "so - called" job at The Malaysian Reserve (TMR) on December or January. There are many considerations to make!! Haiyahhh... (STRESS lagi).