Tuesday, February 27, 2007

AK situ sana sini

Sekarang ni...kami sekelas tengah busy buat akhbar shah alam jurnalis...kat mana2 pun, semua ada news paper.

Tension punya pasal, aku pi la berjalan2 makan angin kat Over C a.k.a bukit tinggi, pahang.

Shot yang senget 90 darjah!!

Boring dok kat Eropah, aku p Jepun plak!!

Cantikkan sungai dia??!! tapi sayang tak leh mandi!!

dan...muka aku lagi!! (wajib la...dah nama blog aku!!)

Aku berteduh di dalam pondok Jepun.

Pastu balik kampung naik bas jelita...!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

Mereng kot!

shafizanjohari (11:45:44 PM): weh mereng!!
merengkot (11:45:58 PM): ya
merengkot (11:45:58 PM): salahkah aku mereng?
shafizanjohari (11:46:35 PM): aku suka ang jadi mereng...kerana sesungguhnya aku sudah berteman, kerna kini aku pun mereng, dik akibat asgn yang melampau
merengkot (11:47:09 PM): haha
merengkot (11:47:15 PM): toi ka?
merengkot (11:47:15 PM): sian ang noh
shafizanjohari (11:47:58 PM): oleh sebab yang demikian, usahlah terfikir untuk menjejaki langkah aku ke ITM ni....sesungguhnya tiada yang gembira di sini selain...
shafizanjohari (11:48:01 PM): awek cun
shafizanjohari (11:48:11 PM): nak lepak-lepak senang\
shafizanjohari (11:48:17 PM): banyak tempat2 best
shafizanjohari (11:48:24 PM): member2 otai
shafizanjohari (11:48:31 PM): internet free
shafizanjohari (11:48:35 PM): laju plak tu
shafizanjohari (11:48:50 PM): leh shopping guna duit ptptn....
merengkot (11:48:57 PM): haha
merengkot (11:48:57 PM): tudia
merengkot (11:49:48 PM): nikmat donia suma tuh..
merengkot (11:49:48 PM): mau tak pi UITM

Sunday, February 25, 2007

nak news ke ads

I always love to read newspaper since school. When I was in form4 and form5, I got free NST almost everyday.

Since Im now becoming a journalist, I cant escape from knowing the latest news and current issue. But now, as a student I have to save (money) since I have lots of other things to spare for.

So that why I prefere online newspaper. It free. My favourite is bharian.com.my and utusan.com.my. I also click to thestar.com.my and some alternative online newspaper such as malaysia-today.net.

However, the most highlighted in the online newspapers, unfortunately not the news, but the advertisement.

This include advertisements from the mainstream industry to SME. Not forgetting, if u have erectile dysfunction's, these website (online newspaper) may help you.

Happy surfing!

Smile in tears

As a facilatator, this week I had conducted few sessions in the Faculty of Sivil Engineering. Among the the session was "public speaking".

As a mass comm student, of course public speaking is something that really common. But not for engineering students.

Here, i wanna share somthing with you...

I was a very problematic school boy. Sometimes, I consider myself as a problematic teenager. I dont really like to go to school. I dont know why. For me, going to school is just a waste. You ain't gonna learn anything!!. Usually, in a year, I skipped more than 30 days.

But then not until I reached form 4. Being a more senior student in the school had changed my perspective of schooling and learning. By this time I took part on various co-curriculum activities, I represented the school for public speaking. I secured runner-up title (zone level).

The next year, when I was in form 5, I represented the school for the debate competition, both English and Malay. Well, even though I am not a good English user at that time, but still, my teachers trusted me to make them and the school proud.

I also participated in the pitado and public speaking competition. Both languages. I secured third place in the district level.

And of course, I was also very active in clubs and other organization. (hehe..until now).

Still...im not "the best" speaker. Im not trying to brag here. But all I want to say is...enjoy your life. Do something that can make you proud.

Later on, in tears you shall smile.

(P/S: I sang two song for the royal highnesses when i was in form 6..heeheh)

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


All American Kid
Popular but not plastic. Athletic but not a jock. Smart but not a brain.
You were well rounded and well liked in high school.
Who Were You In High School?

Salaman Chiow

Dah lama aku x hantar post baru. Bukan aku malas, tapi memang malas. Dah 4 minggu semester 4 aku berlalu. Best dan penat gak la.... banyak assignment luar. Baru2 ni aku kena p RTM buat asgn. Hmmm....first time masuk newsroom, memeng best gile. Pastu dpt tgk plak mesin2 yg depa guna. Heheh.... ni baru RTM, bukan Al-Jazeera lagi.

Aku pun sibuk menulis untuk newspaper Jurnalis edition. Nantikan kemunculannya. (Jurmalis:newspaper asgn part 4 journ)

P/s: will add some pics soon.