Sunday, February 25, 2007

Smile in tears

As a facilatator, this week I had conducted few sessions in the Faculty of Sivil Engineering. Among the the session was "public speaking".

As a mass comm student, of course public speaking is something that really common. But not for engineering students.

Here, i wanna share somthing with you...

I was a very problematic school boy. Sometimes, I consider myself as a problematic teenager. I dont really like to go to school. I dont know why. For me, going to school is just a waste. You ain't gonna learn anything!!. Usually, in a year, I skipped more than 30 days.

But then not until I reached form 4. Being a more senior student in the school had changed my perspective of schooling and learning. By this time I took part on various co-curriculum activities, I represented the school for public speaking. I secured runner-up title (zone level).

The next year, when I was in form 5, I represented the school for the debate competition, both English and Malay. Well, even though I am not a good English user at that time, but still, my teachers trusted me to make them and the school proud.

I also participated in the pitado and public speaking competition. Both languages. I secured third place in the district level.

And of course, I was also very active in clubs and other organization. (hehe..until now). not "the best" speaker. Im not trying to brag here. But all I want to say is...enjoy your life. Do something that can make you proud.

Later on, in tears you shall smile.

(P/S: I sang two song for the royal highnesses when i was in form 6..heeheh)