Monday, November 13, 2006

I love Acha

Welcome back to the world of blogging!! Miss me? Sure you do. Well, I miss you guys too...

The Hari Raya celebration was so great and eventhough it has been almost a month after Hari Raya, i'm still celebrating it. A bit dissappoinment because I can't stay long at Alor Star because I have to run back to UiTM due to my exams which had started on the 30th October.

Speaking of the month of October, I know that this could be very late, but I want to document my birthday wishes to 2 very special people that are constantly reading this humble blog. My best buddie... Ashwad and my dearest friend that I wished her to turn to a frog... Nor. May ur lifes cuddled by happiness...

Hmm... Happy birthday too to my beloved university... UiTM for the 50th aniversary.
Tomorrow night would be a big concert in UiTM... in conjuction with the 50th aniversary celebration... There would be 30 minutes performance of fire works (I LOVE BUNGA API) and an astonishing performance by.... heheh.... FAIZAL TAHIR!! (check UiTM website)

-End of lame wishes-

Topic of today- Young Marriege

Last week... my 20 year-old cousin married to a 20 y-o guy from Shah Alam. Their wedding was sweet and wonderful. And some how by seeing this lovely young couple, it makes me wanna get married as soon as possible. SERIOUS!!

We know that getting married at the age of 20 is possible and fun, but what are the consequnces and troubles that they might end up to?? Financial problem, miss comunication, obstacles here and there..bla... bla...and bla were among the rough sections that they might enconter with.
However, I see this as a brave and a serious decision. I admire their courages. I pray for the best of their marrige. To my lovely cousin sister and her husband., Deeana and Ikhlas...