Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Budak Kedah masuk bendang

Location: Bilek bacaan 24 jam, Perpustakaan Tun Abdul Razak, UiTM Malaysia.

Sorry, dah lama gua x share gua punya life kat dlm blog ni. Busy siot. Btw, i'm now had just finished my exams and now im on my way to the north. Not to enjoy the balik kampung alor setaq splendour but to be part of "progam bakti siswa daya wawasan 2007". Yes you heard it right baby!!, "Program Bakti Siswa Daya Wawasan 2007. Me and 10 other facilitators friends from UiTM Malaysia or formerly known as UiTM Shah Alam was invited by the Vice Director of UiTM Penang to join them in this program which will be held at Nibong tebal. So.... hmm...wut to aspect?? "Budak kedah masuk bendang!!".

Later on, me and my friends will continue our journey to Yan, Kedah, still for the same kind of program, khidmat masyrakat thinggy, which will be organized by mpp uitm penang.

pics and news features will be here soon.

owh man!! 2 weeks for khidmat masyrakat thinggy??!!! im kinda have to spend 2 weeks doing things like these... and it is such a waste of time, right..??

but.... if i stay at home, doing nothing.... it will be more wasteful. so... i think it was a right choice.