Friday, January 02, 2009

Anniversary AK dan Si Dia

Hari ini genap 100 posting aku kat laman blog ini, juga genaplah 1 tahun yang mencabar sebagai wartawan.

Justeru aku amek peluang ini untuk mengimbau perjalanan SATU TAHUN PERTAMA: SHAFIZANJOHARI SEBAGAI WARTAWAN.

2 Januari 2008: Berbekalkan keazaman yang teguh dan jatidiri yang utuh, aku melangkah ke bilek berita "The Malaysian Reserve", sebuah akhbar perniagaan berbahasa Ingegeris utama negara.

Sepanjang tempoh latihan amali aku di sana, aku kena brushed and polished by the most experienced editors as well as reporters in the corporate newswriting industry.

Sigh... it was a harsh period. Damn I did not understand what they said man!! all the business terminologies and such. But came to the rescue.

I was tought on how to write news... the simple 5 w 1 H, the inverted pyramid thinggy... which until now I do not really know, either I have understand it or not!

This is the moment I started my journey as a Business Reporter.

1 April 2008: I embarked on the other path of the journey, after I accepted the offer as a writer for KasedDia Sdn Bhd, the publisher of The Halal Journal. The Halal Journal is a niche trade magazine focused on the international halal industry-led by Malaysia issues.

But its not all, I learned and done many other things. PR, media consultant, event organiser, office boy, assistant managerial works... to name a few. But this has made me a very niche writer on the worldwide-halal industry which include f and b as well as the emerging Islamic Banking system.

However, I got bored. And moved on to Astro Awani-Gerbang Dunia Kita.

7 July 2008 - I moved on, still as a business journalist, but with a little advancement... I am now a Broadcast Business Reporter. Jeng-jeng-jeng. I never had imagined being a BJ (broadcast journalist) before. I thought I will be a wire newsman or a newspaper man- not a BJ.

But I siezed the opportunity gave to me. Thanks to Ashwad for the innitial strong support that flew me away from KasehDia.

Today I am one of those contributed for Bisnes Awani (which aired 3 times a day with a cummulative duration of 1 hour).

I also helped other desk, if needed and I am happy to explore other genre as well. Gala TV maybe.

I am now happy. Yes I have to admid the burden is more and I need to sacrifice more. But I will sacrifice everything for the one I love. And from now on... I am in love with my job.

-the end-