Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Last Saturday night, my friend Zul (formerly schoolmates - KSAH) asked me to hang around at UKM Bangi. By that time, I wasn't sure what was the purpose and why he chose UKM as a hanging place. He arrived at my college to pick me up at 7.30. He and his friends were arriving by a van (an old one). OK .... after a few minutes, I asked him, why were we going to UKM? On what purpose?? He answered, he wants to introduced me to ... a multi level marketing plan, XXXXX (I have to censored the name of the mlm scheme). So after he told me that he is gonna to introduced me to this mlm, I was quit dissapointed because I though that he came to meet me... just because of me but... huhhh.... kecian aku kan??!!! but however, I didn't really mind, at least I can spent a little time with him after so many months... (well...almost a year) . The person who drove the van, Nizam was very alient to KL highways.... you wanna know why??? nak gi UKM, tp dia guna Federal HIghway... MasyaAllah. From 30 minutes journey, it turned to 1 hour!!! hIayooo!! We arrived at UKM around 10.30 pm. I was invited to enter a lecture hall. In the lecture hall, there was a briefing on the MLM.

Sadly saying that, the speakers was so "PoYO"... they didn't know how to speak in front of audience... even in Bahasa Melayu... the word like "sial" were frequntly used... they even call them self as an entrepreneur. WTF!!! Hello.... they don't have to sell anything... not even to establish a company or anything like that!!! They just know how to influence other people to join the scheme... give them money (it's RM 2000)...and get another 4 people as your downlines. But the thing is they are not that profesional enough to be called as an entreprenuer... The way they gave the speeches... was very stupid... Well, I have to admit, I was quit jealous of the money they recieved...but I dont wanna be one of those stupid guy.

I can't deny the fact that MLM can really make you rich. But a lot lot lot of efforts must be given to be succesfull in this kind of business. In fact, the product of this mlm scheme are portable DVD and two boxes of ling zhi... HELLO... saper la nak bayaq mahal2 just nak beli barang yang easily dapat kat kedai dgn harga yang lebih murah!!!

Lain la klu kita bayaq RM 2000 then kita bole dpt beli barang yg tak bole kita beli kat mana2!! Then it would be exeptional la...

For me, it is ok to join MLM scheme, but we must study the products really well. Eventhough you dont have to sell a thing, but you need someone else to buy things... In this case... a portable DVD + 2 boxes of ling zhi = RM 2000 = stupid and mustahil!!!


SengAun Ong said...

Wah, bagaimana mereka boleh dibenarkan menggunakan dewan kuliah di UKM pada 10:30 malam Sabtu? Setahu saya pegawai keselamatan UKM amat tegas.

Ya, memang wajar keputusan kamu tidak menyertai kawan kamu: