Monday, March 20, 2006


Im happy to be whatever I am!!
People around me loves me because who I am!!
N E way, I had the most relax weekend yesterday. After more than 5 weeks of strees and load of works...finally I have a day to rest... A real rest.
People around me really know that I love to sleep a lot. I didnt have much rest lately so I really apreciate yesterday.
Another thing is, I told Eddy, I wanted to be a lecturer and in the same time, working as a journalist.
So, on yesterday afternoon, I attentded an Education fair, held at PWTC. I was acompanying my cousin. He is a school leaver, looking for an opportunity to further his study. After he had settled down, taking all the brouches needed, I went to ASTRO booth. Then I saw an opportunity for me to further my studies for master degree at any ovc university. YEAH!!! There are quit difficult to find any scholarship for masscomm student. But now, thanks to ASTRO, at least I can imagine my self at an ovc univesity, studying for master degree in journalism. (RM 150,000 per year...minta2 aku dapat-tingin gak nak blajaq ovc cam Miss Mayu)
After that I went to MIIM booth. Because I wonder, what is so special about this institute, so I spent almost 10 minutes talking to this one lecturer in MIIM. He was a Masscomm, UiTM student. He knows a lot of people here, mostly our lecturer. The diffrent between us (masscomm,uitm) and MIIM is that, they had equiped their students wif all the technical knowledge. On the other hand, we dont really emphasize on technical stuff, but more on knowledge itself. So I leave it to you guys to judge.
In conclusion, I thank God, because im now more organize. Now im amuned to handled all the stress.
Below is a pic during the koloqium, taken from baiti camera lense.

(cam crita the apprentice kan??!!)

P/s1: Thanks girls (u know who u r) for being understanding!!
P/s 2: Soory to MAS because of the semburan!!
For more info bout the scholarship, feel free to click the link:


shadapz said...

haruslah gmbar aku yg meletup