Friday, April 28, 2006

3.53 am. Guest where I am?

It s three in the morning. Im still at the faculty. Dont wanna go home, down wanna sleep. I just wanna get laid with my aspire 5610 and a high speed internet access (t.q UiTM). I didnt sleep well lately. I cant really sleep at night. Thats why im here. alone. at the faculty. By thinking that there are other human being in the building, i am not, actually alone.
I dont think I can maintain my DL status in my exam result slip this semester. By thinking of it, im a bit frustrated. I know I will fail my family in kedah's and other close relative's high expectation. Don't worry, learn from mistake, thats what make a better man.

Out of the blue, I bumped into Ashwad's blogpage. He is a very very close friend of mine when I was at Alor Staq.. I was so frustrated because being uninformed of his blog. I thought I knew him. Hmm..... "I thought". But I dont blame him, he dont even know of this blog's existence. He is a very grown up man. He is not the one I knew before, a kid. I still can remember how close we were while we were schooling at St. Michael. I can still listen the echo of his vioce telling me that he has fallen in love with a girl named 'MIRA'. And, still I remember how he had calmed me down over my break up. my first love breake up!!

I still remember when I was given the opportinity to represent the school for "Pertandingan Pitado Piala Di-Raja", district level. He was there, being the pom-pom girl hehehe (or supporter). And when I was announced as the third winner he was there. Joyed over my victory.Thank you. That was the best memory in my life ever, and for you to be in the sweetest priceless...

But when he was given the opportunity to represent the school in the Pidato Dwibahasa, I wasnt there because of other unimportant matter. And now I blamming my self for making you spechless in the center stage. Im sorry. I thought I had other commitment. But I was wrong. I was suppose to be there, giving you all the support needed! I failed.

I dont know somehow, I wish we are still at school, at alor staq. Sometimes, I think I want to quit this new life. Sometime I couldnt take it... It's too hard for me. And ashwad, do u still play football? and we are still good, close and best friends, right?


hazwan hassan said...

wah....... meriah ko ek??
siap puji2 diri sendiri lagi..
satu lg, dah tau ader blog, tau2 ker la kasi tau same aku..

aku wat link ngan blog aku pas nie..
wat link utk aku gak tau...

ashwad said...

hai my good fren!!! we're still close but my time desak me kaw kaw punya!!! by da way aku sendiri pun lupa aku ada blog hehehe!!! wei!! aku dah plan nak buy savvy(a car la!!!) wen i hv my own car, senang skit aku pi kat ang yang tgh srugle degree tu!!