Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bila ketiga-tiga MPP WANNABE dari kelas yang sama...apa jadi?

Hari ini berlansung pilihanraya jawatankuasa perwakilan pelajar (JPP) bagi setiap universiti di Malaysia dan UiTM Malaysia tidak terkecuali. Berlainan dari tahun-tahun terdahulu di mana calon-calon yang bertanding paling sikit pun dalam 5 orang, tapi untuk tahun ini, hanya 3 orang sahaja calon yang bertanding. Ironinya ketiga-tiga datang dari kelas yang sama. Tapi tak payah lah saya cakap mereka ini dari kelas mana, pasal mesti ramai yang dah tau kan??!!

This means if one then lose, there will still be another 2 mpp from than class than will represent our faculty to the campus level. I had a short acquittance with them during a foster parents project last year and alhamdullilah they are very nice people.

However, not many of us realize the power that "these group of people" will gain tremendous political proxy in the faculty. Just imagine at least 2 of their classmates are holding high position is Mass Communication Society with one of them is the President. (You know who...), and another 3 are running for the election!!

But don't look this negatively. Of course as a journalist I love to write something fishy and sensation like this story... but as I say, don't look this negatively.

As many of us are too busy with our class and assignments there are still somebody out there are willing enough to take the responsibilities and ensuring our faculty are representatedin the campus level. And for sure, being a President of MASSA or MPP are note easy. There are so many tasks that an MPP need to fulfill during his or her service as an MPP.


Poster lagi...

Poster oh poster!!

Manifesto pun ada...

Nak masuk pooling station, kena beratur dulu...

Lepas pangkah, jgn lupa buang undi!!

P/S: Tapi ramai je yg tak pi undi... tak banyak pilihan kot!!