Monday, February 20, 2006


Yesterday we have (part 2, masscomm student) had a program pembangunan pelajar. i've learned a lot that day. It was a fruitful activity. Thansk to the HEP, the FASIs(Along n Farhan) and lectures who had sacrified their valueble weekend just to make sure this program a success. Eventhough our schedual for this week is very thight, we keep calm and relex. Im having a lot of quizes and tests on this week. Actually im in the middle of international advertising class. But im steeling away some of my time in that class and devoting it for the sake of my blog. For those who are reading this blog from my xanga of friendster blog, please be informed that, my blogspot's blog is more updated than those two. so for those who wanna keeping track with my life, please log on to my blogspot's blog.

N e way, after the program ended,out of the blue, I was approched by En Norsham (head of program:jorn), he ask me about the academic visit (lawatan akedemik) that has been discussed last semester. I didnt aproch him, but he did. He ask me where we wanna go. I mentioned few regional places (Jakarta, Manila or Bangkok). But he, himself suggested AUSTRALIA.

Austarlia is whre I really wanna go as(as I mentioned in the last post).i didnt mentiond Aus because it will be such a great tension because it will be costly. Maybe more than RM3 k. He suggested, maybe we can start a bussines. OH yeah biznezzz....

Actually I have something going on in my mind... I dont know whether my classmate gonna accept it. Actually if I have to run this project, I will, for the sake of my class.

Why for the sake of my class?? For what reason??
The only reason is... I want our classmates to enjoy urself there!! Can u guys still remember how fun it was during our trip to Taiping??

(P/s) mr norshm ask me, and maybe with the whole class discuss this matter)


shadapz said...

hidup A.K!!!!

shafizanjohari said...

AK hidup!!