Wednesday, February 22, 2006

To Indonesia


That was the reaction after I had a meeting with my classmates atfer marketing class. We have to put aside our intention to visit Australia. They are many reason why we have to choose Jakarta over Australia. One of the reason is...the flight ticket fare. It's damn so expansive. Next is forign exchange (FOREX). AUS$ 1 equavalent to RM 2.7(+-). Its damn so expansive. That is whay we choose Jakarta. Daia said..."we can be rich over there". Well for me ... it's true.

Today, I had another meeting with my classmates. We had confirm the date. We'll be leaving for Indonesia during mid-sem next semester. So, I have to prepare the proposal ASAP (with the help of my friends) and I also have to contact the airline, Air Asia, MAS or GARUDA. We will use the airline that can give us the lowest rate!!

Elly's proposal on organizing social service have to be suspended until next sem (upon Elly's request). It' because we can't meet the suitable time to do that.